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About Ai-trade

Ai-trade is the best crypto trading bot currently available, provide trader with automated trading solutions. Is a cloud-based software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with many features available both for beginner and professional trader. 24/7 trading automatically easy to use, and extremely Security.
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How Does Ai-Trade Work?


By connecting the API to an Ai-trade Exchange that only has permission to read and execute trades on specified assets, Ai-trade does not store client funds (assets) on their platform, neither reserves the right to withdraw or transfer money. Ai-trade only executes the trade and gets back a part of the profit from you when the trade is successful.


Earn Profit

Trade automatically and earn daily profit.

Bring Your Friends and Win Rewards

Introduce your friends to automated trading and get unlimited rewards.

The Benefits Of Using Algorithmic Trading

Join Ai-trade With Just 3 Simple Steps

1. Register an account

Sign up for an account from the platform or through a referral link.

2. Login and Connect API to the exchange

Log in to your registered account and proceed to connect API with Binance, Huobi... This solution is 100% safe with your assets because Bot is not allowed to withdraw money in the account.

3. Select the trading pairs you want to trade

You simply choose the coins you want to trade and customize the leverage, plus the amount you want to invest. The system (AI) will automatically analyze and decide on your stead whether to Buy (Long) Sell (Short) or sell short depending on the move up or down of the market. You have full control over your funds and see activities in real time.

Automate Your Crypto Trading Now! Never Miss A Profitable Trade Again!

Who should use Ai-trade to make money?

No Time To Learn How To Trade? Got AI working for you!

Frequently Ask Questions

The API used to link Ai-trade to Binance or Huobi. Ai-trade only has reading and trading permissions, you can always withdraw all your crypto as it's in your exchange account, your funds remain safe.
User are free to determine the percentage of profit you want, because you have access to setting all trading settings, so it will be easier for you to get big profits when the robot is working on trading.
Ai-trade will continue to trade automatically if your device is disconnected or in offline mode, this can be done because bot still can 24/7 trading automatically on server.
Are not. The risk you get is just losing passive income, Remaining unchanged balance in your Binance account in USDT or in other coins being traded.
The minimum amount which you can trade depends on the minimum requirement as determined by the crypto exchange. However, we recommend around 20 USDT for each trade.

Is this better than giving your money to people or online companies to trade for you?

Over 200,000 members worldwide earn money every day… Income from several tens of dollars – several hundred dollars/month is real. Profit from 5% – 30%/month.

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